Privacy Policy

Our web site uses cookies to offer users a better service and experience. This document describes the types of cookies we use, their purpose and how to change your preferences.

Cookies are tiny fragments of text that allow web servers to save information on the client (or browser) that can be re-used during the same site browsing session or even several days later. The cookies are saved according to the user’s preferences by a single browser on the specific device used (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
Cookies can be categorised based on the party that manages the cookies as first party or as third party. First-party cookies transmitted by a web site are cookies that pertain to that specific web site, whereas third-party cookies are transmitted via the web site by third parties.

Cookies used
Our web site only uses technical first-party cookies, i.e. cookies strictly necessary for correct web site functionality. In particular, we use:

  • a cookie to manage the warning of cookies presence in the web site, which have a 12-month duration;
  • a session cookie to allow the display warnings of errors in actions taken by users on the web site. These cookies are deleted when the browser is closed;

Cookie management
Users can decide whether or not to accept the cookies through their browser settings.
Warning: the disabling of “strictly necessary” cookies can compromise correct web site functionality.
The settings can be specifically defined for different web sites and web applications.
Users can find information on their browser, consulting the related guidelines on how to manage cookies.